i will always find a way out



mom: go to bed
me: can i watch one more video
mom: ok


*knocks on your door*

Hello. I’ve heard you’ve been invalidating a male character’s past straight relationships in order to make your slash ship sail.

Could I interest you on the subject of bisexuality.

It’s free! It’s friendly! It’s perfectly workable with canon! It stops misogynistic fic tropes in order to slash ship in it’s tracks.

Invest in bisexuality today!

Bonus: Buy today and receive a free addition of pansexuality for no extra fee!



meryl streep

damn she really can play any role

The Year - Ella Wheeler Wilcox


What can be said in New Year rhymes,
That’s not been said a thousand times?

The new years come, the old years go,
We know we dream, we dream we know.

We rise up laughing with the light,
We lie down weeping with the night.

We hug the world until it stings,
We curse it then and sigh for wings.

We live, we love, we woo, we wed,
We wreathe our brides, we sheet our dead.

We laugh, we weep, we hope, we fear,
And that’s the burden of the year.


William Adolphe Bouguereau, Jeanne (Detail), 1888


Here’s where Tumblr’s going to be at San Diego Comic-Con this week:

Pacific time, obviously. Surf’s up.

Before that happens, though, some classic fandoms are duking it out on Tumblr for the B.F.F. Award at the mtvU Fandom Awards. It’ll decide which group of people, all of whom like the same thing, collectively like their thing the most. Voting ends tonight, so this is completely your last chance ever to show how much you like the thing you like.

Searches for the meanwhile: fandom awards, sdcc, cloneclub meetup

See you in San Diego!  






Yes talk to me 🙌😂

What’s up yall

Yea talk to me

Yeah. I just be reaching out to ppl and they don’t be responding. :-(

I would love it but I don’t know how to talk

The Unknown Ctizien - WH Auden


He was found by the Bureau of Statistics to be
One against whom there was no official complaint,
And all the reports on his conduct agree
That, in the modern sense of an old-fashioned word, he was a
For in everything he did he served the Greater Community.
Except for the War till the day…


drew this after pinkgermy video tutorial ! thank you so much this helped a lot !